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Spam for the podcast email address

February 7th, 2006 at 01:55pm

Sometimes I enjoy reading some of the spam I receive (On average, about one per hour). Gmail does a pretty good job of filtering it, in fact I’ve only had two spam emails slip into my inbox in the last couple months.

Anyway, this gem was filtered by Gmail today, addressed to the podcast email address (before you ask, all of my email addresses are directed to my gmail account, and placed under specific labels upon arrival).

This one comes from rfumonoraaafaaa

2000 精美太阳伞,树脂闹钟……
6000 手机充值卡(50),精美相册……
10000 手机充值卡(100),电吹风,网球拍……
15000 充值交通卡(130),等等
北京570 成都810 重庆750 长沙 620
福州470 贵阳960 桂林650 广州 770
海口500 济南530 晋江460 大连 530
南宁830 南昌430 青岛440 沈阳 650
汕头590 深圳700 太原840 天津 820
温州350 武汉730 武夷山660 西安 630
厦门480 烟台430 郑州560 哈尔滨880
石家庄990 珠海840 三亚950 乌鲁木齐1200
兰州900 长春1280 昆明1140 银川900
航程 单程/往返 航程 单程/往返
香港(东航) 1490/1920 名古屋(国航) 1880/3270
澳门(上航) 1320/2320 福冈(国航) 1550/2240
台北(上航+复兴) 1790/3260 新加坡(东航) 2190/2240
东京(美西北) 1890/2980 曼谷(东航) 1590/2250
大阪(国航) 1620/2590 吉隆坡(东航) 2080/2350
汉城(上航) 1420/2750 法兰克福(国航) 3690/4980
釜山(东航) 1290/2490 悉尼(东航) 4380/4980
巴黎(东航) 3490/4480 伦敦(英航/东航) 2680/3390
米兰(国航) 3590/4690 旧金山 (美西北) 3150/4350
洛杉机(东航/美西北) 2650/4290 温哥华 (东航) 2540/3990
华盛顿(全日空) 3680/5390 纽约 (国航/美西北) 3480/5210
巴黎(公务舱) 14880/21600 赫尔辛基 (芬航) 4200/5390

国际均为净价不含税金 & 战争保险 & 燃油附加费&机场建设费。
联系电话:021-52242591 62248189
传 真:021-62248189

This seemed oddly interesting, so I grabbed the Google Translator and guessed that this might be Chinese, Google gave me the following translation:

The Shanghai brocade regulation aviation in the near future the airplane ticket will be pleasantly surprised 特价. And promotes the accumulation integral activity purchase machine face value achieves below counts, all has the corresponding present bestows. (May accumulate) 2000 fine umbrellas, the resin alarm clock… 6000 handsets sufficient values card (50), fine photo album… 10000 handsets sufficient values card (100), electric drier, tennis racket… 15000 sufficient values traffics card (130), and so on domestic 特价: Beijing 570 Chengdu 810 Chongqing 750 Changsha 620 Fuzhou 470 Guiyang 960 Guilin 650 Guangzhou 770 seaports 500 Jinan 530 Jinjiang 460 Dalian 530 Nanning 830 Nanchang 430 Qingdao 440 Shenyang 650 Shantou 590 Shenzhen 700 Taiyuan 840 Tianjin 820 Wenzhou 350 Wuhan 730 Mount Wuyi 660 Xi’an 630 Amoy 480 Yantai 430 Zhengzhou 560 Harbin 880 Shijiazhuang 990 Zhuhai 8403 Asia 950 Urumqi 1200 Lanzhou 900 Changchun 1280 Kunming 1140 Yinchuan 900 international 特价: The range one-way / round-trip range one-way / goes and returns Hong Kong (东航) 1490/1920 Nagoya (country navigation) 1880/3270 Aomen (above navigation) 1320/2320 Fukuoka (country navigation) 1550/2240 Taibei (above navigation + revival) 1790/3260 Singapore (东航) 2190/2240 Tokyo (beautiful northwest) 1890/2980 Bangkok (东航) 1590/2250 Osaka (country navigation) 1620/2590 Kuala Lumpur (东航) 2080/2350 Seoul (above navigation) 1420/2750 Frankfurt (country navigation) 3690/4980 Pusan (东航) 1290/2490 Sydney (东航) 4380/4980 Paris (东航) 3490/4480 London (the English navigation / 东航) 2680/3390 Milan (country navigation) 3590/4690 San Francisco (beautiful northwest) 3150/4350 Luo river cedar machine (东航 / is beautiful Northwest) 2650/4290 Vancouver (东航) 2540/3990 Washington (entire date spatial) 3680/5390 New York (country navigation / is beautiful northwest) 3480/5210 Paris (official business cabin) 14880/21600 Helsinki (profuse navigation) 4200/5390 urban district provides free delivers the ticket service. Above the domestic airplane ticket all for does not contain the airport construction cost, the fuel oil extra charge. International all does not contain the tax money & war for only the price insures & the fuel oil extra charge & airport construction cost. In the form no either the complex travelling schedule please comes the electricity or the facsimile inquiry. When aviation airplane ticket price has the change, above price is the reference, concrete please comes the electricity inquiry. This company generation subscribes the hotel service, the welcome deigns to inquire! Telephone: 021-52242591 62248189 facsimiles: 021-62248189

This poses a question, do I really want 2000 fine umbrellas, or an electricity inquiry about concrete? I think not…

Ahhh, that was fun!


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1 Comment

  • 1. punky_brewster  |  February 8th, 2006 at 8:40 am

    How did you guess that the boxes were chinese?
    What are they trying to sell you here?


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