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My Morning and CIT

February 10th, 2006 at 10:43pm

Thanks to an interesting schedule change I can conveniently split today into two posts, one for the morning and one for the afternoon.

This morning started at 6:30 for me, as this was the time when my alarm went off. Having gone to bed nice and early I was happily refrshed and ready to wake up, so I got up and had breakfast. I wasn’t in any particular hurry at this stage so I spent a bit more time than usual enjoying my breakfast.

It was around 7:15 when I checked my emails and got iTunes to download the latest episode of Security Now! before going to clean my teeth and make my bed, I then took Nattie for a walk, shut down the computer and made sure I had what I needed for CIT and the rest of the day. (For those of you wondering, this morning’s post “What’s in store today” was written last night before “Thursday!” and scheduled for 7:27).

At 8:40 I left home for CIT, admittedly this was early but it provided me with the “just in case I get lost” buffer time which is important for new buildings. Last year I was 30 minutes early for a job interview so I did a bit of “sightseeing” (aka walking around the block, and the next block a couple times) before arriving five minutes early.)

I arrived at CIT at 8:50, which was half way through the weekly soap opera report, I decided that I should go inside anyway and find the room. The room turned out to be a lecture theatre with a lot of people waiting around in the foyer, closer to 9am I met someone I know and the door to the room was unlocked and the lecture began. The lecture was titled “Preparing for work in your chosen profession” although it should really have been titled “An introduction to studying at CIT in your chosen faculty”. Schedules were handed out and various things were discussed, and the morning tea break came ten minutes early at 10:20, so this friend of mine, a friend of his and I went to Cafe Yala (the cafe I mentioned in a previous article that I can’t find at this time).

The schedule said that the second block of the class would start at “10:45ish” and end at “11:30ish”, the law of averages being what it is, this was anything but true. Friend, friend of friend and I returned to the class at 11:45 only to find everyone already inside and seated, we made our way in and decided silently that it would be better to stand up the back than interrupt proceedings by climbing over people in order to get a seat, however the lecturer, being mildly witty and possibly seeing our reason for making this decision decided to interrupt the class herself to enquire about our comfort up the back against the wall.

We stayed in this position until 11:25 when the group split into two differently sized sections based on course choice for the “11:15ish” guest speakers. It was 11:40 or so when the guest speaker ended and the ambiguous section of the schedule began, according to the lecturer we were “free”, according to the schedule we were on an “optional self-guided tour of the campus” which would be followed at midday by a “barbecue in front of Cafe Yala” (there was no mention of optional, but it was treated as optional.) Having already made my plans for lunch I headed off.

It remains a mystery to this moment what the second half of the schedule page was for. This had five groups which went to five parts of the campus in sequence, each group in a different place at any given time.

Upon leaving the building, I pulled the radio out of my bag and turned it on, I soon discovered that the ad break in the middle of “Best Of Laws” was playing, I listened to Best Of Laws until just before midday, which is when I arrived at my destination for lunch.


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