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More lunatics claiming IE superiority.

May 15th, 2005 at 07:00pm

Just because Mozilla Firefox had a little security issue during the week, all these strange people have come out of their little boxes to enlighten us all to the benefits of Internet Explorer. So now I am going to settle the argument by saying this
“Every browser will have it’s own security issues from time to time, they will vary in severity, and in some cases, will be downright dreadful. However, the difference between browsers is the amount of issues, and the time it takes to fix them. Internet Explorer has a long track history of having many many security issues at any given time, and Microsoft tend to release updates once per month, on the other hand you have Mozilla, they usually have no issues, and occasionally have one or two, and in most cases, a fix is available within a few days. The other fact is that IE integrates into Windows very very closely, which effectively gives exploits access to your data if they so desire, Firefox (and just about every other browser on the face of the planet) has little to no integration with the OS, meaning that exploits have much less access to data…Now do you see why Firefox is better from a security point of view?”


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