ACT Labor are so out of touch, they can’t even identify Gungahlin Twitter Updates for 2012-10-04

Twitter Updates for 2012-10-03

October 3rd, 2012 at 09:00pm

  • I'm never sure if it's trust or absent-mindedness when a store owner leaves their store, leaving me, a customer, in it alone. #
  • In Braddon I'm noticing a lot of Katy Gallagher's pamphlets in letter boxes starting "Dear Gungahlin Resident". Braddon is not in Gungahlin. #
  • A photo of one of @KatyGMLA's "Dear Gungahlin Residents" pamphlets in a letterbox on Donaldson St, Braddon. #
  • @mtk777 The point of distributing pamphlets is to send a message of competence. The wrong ones going to a whole suburb does not do this. in reply to mtk777 #
  • @mtk777 I agree that there are bigger things to criticise them for, but one expects a government to be able to organise things well. in reply to mtk777 #
  • @Canberra_Labor Good luck getting to the bottom of it. I'd demand a refund or a free delivery of the correct material if I was you. in reply to Canberra_Labor #
  • For the benefit of my Twitter feeds which don't carry retweets properly ACT Labor say they're investigating how paid deliverers got it wrong #
  • @Canberra_Labor Btw, I'll update my blog post with your response as soon as I get home. in reply to Canberra_Labor #
  • @Canberra_Labor All done. By the way, upon checking my letterbox in Reid, same thing I'm afraid. Have a good evening. in reply to Canberra_Labor #
  • @mtk777 I do hope to hear about the outcome of their investigation. And I will give them credit for responding to me, given my allegiances. in reply to mtk777 #

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