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September 7th, 2012 at 09:00pm

  • @auspost I sent a parcel by Express Post International on Friday. The tracking website hasn't updated since. Is this normal? #
  • @auspost Hi Alice. The number is EP001636685AU. Thanks. in reply to auspost #
  • @auspost That's great Alice, thanks. Any reason why the website can't say that though? It would keep curious customers like me off your back in reply to auspost #
  • RT @theblaze Brit hume on Obama Speech ‘Significant Number of Straw Men and Criticisms of Proposals Nobody’s Making’ http://t.co/4j1kuUou jh #
  • Eek, I agree with Wolf! RT @newsbusters Wolf Blitzer 'I didn’t hear any specific new initiative the President unveiled' http://t.co/Oyutauf3 #
  • In what way? RT @newsbusters NPR Political Director: Clinton speech as 'robust and effective' as he could imagine http://t.co/Hx2iTAqf #
  • RT @theblaze: Krauthammer hammers Obama: ‘One of the emptiest speeches I have ever heard on a national stage’ http://t.co/bBiEqR6y #
  • US political convention time is quite amusing really. In many ways I think the partisan divide is wider now than at election time. #
  • @myfortdodge Expired? I've never heard anyone refer to a storm warning as "expired" before, but I like it. in reply to myfortdodge #
  • @myfortdodge Tim Tams, that was the national currency the last time I checked 🙂 in reply to myfortdodge #
  • @auspost Alice, thank you, I will be sure to check USPS. I did read your earlier message; I'm trying to provide a helpful suggestion… in reply to auspost #
  • @auspost I understand that not all scans are uploaded to website. Probably sensible. But they all go to the computer system, so one scan… in reply to auspost #
  • @auspost being uploaded every day or two (automatically perhaps) would make the "tracking" page more useful. Just trying to be helpful 🙂 in reply to auspost #
  • @auspost While I have your attention, I would like to offer my sincere condolences for the postie who died yesterday here in Canberra. in reply to auspost #
  • Yes, they did RT @newsbusters Piers Morgan "Both Presidential candidates’ wives made better speeches than they did" http://t.co/h33sEOSU” #
  • @auspost Great. I appreciate your time. Have a wonderful weekend Alice. in reply to auspost #
  • RT @JodieMarq: “@livefromDarwin: Oh f*** this s***. Where's Monday? #hateweekends Really?? Are you sure???” #
  • @JodieMarq @livefromdarwin I can understand it. In my line of work, my weekend often falls on Tue/Wed, with really busy Sat/Sun. Mon is Fri! in reply to JodieMarq #

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