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August 3rd, 2012 at 09:00pm

  • I just spotted Mike Frame on the TV in an ACTTAB ad. The last time I saw him on TV was for Shoprite Good to see him! #
  • "No mishaps required" — Gordon Bray calling the rowing on 2GB. He's given me a chuckle every day so far. #
  • @bipolarvoice So, are you saying that because he is saying something which is not applicable to 100% of people with a mental health in reply to bipolarvoice #
  • @bipolarvoice condition, he shouldn't say it at all, even if it applies to some people? I'm not going to advocate that people stop taking in reply to bipolarvoice #
  • @bipolarvoice medications without appropriate advice, and I don't think Seth Farber is saying that either. Rather I think his message is in reply to bipolarvoice #
  • @bipolarvoice that for some people, the conventional medical wisdom may not be the only approach, and some people will have success with in reply to bipolarvoice #
  • @bipolarvoice other approaches. I accept that much of the psychiatric community would frown on his approach, but I don't see it as being in reply to bipolarvoice #
  • @bipolarvoice any different to the common approach of trying counselling instead of, or in conjunction with, a pharmaceutical solution. in reply to bipolarvoice #
  • @bipolarvoice My experience (note that I had not heard of Seth Farber at the time…so my experience was not influenced by him) was that in reply to bipolarvoice #
  • @bipolarvoice medication made my condition MUCH worse. Admittedly the medical professionals I was working with seemed to show little in reply to bipolarvoice #
  • @bipolarvoice interest in this fact, and different doctors may have found a better combination of drugs. What I found though, and perhaps in reply to bipolarvoice #
  • @bipolarvoice I was lucky enough to be lucid enough to make these observations in conjunction with my (non-doctor) support network, was in reply to bipolarvoice #
  • @bipolarvoice that talking with people, and accepting a spiritual element to my condition, helped me to understand it and gain enough in reply to bipolarvoice #
  • @bipolarvoice control over it to return to being a functional member of society without the need for drugs. I repeat that I'm not advocating in reply to bipolarvoice #
  • @bipolarvoice that everyone follow my approach, as it won't work for a lot of people, but for some, finding a non-pharmaceutical way to in reply to bipolarvoice #
  • @bipolarvoice understand and control their condition can be a helpful approach, even if it's just for a little bit of added confidence that in reply to bipolarvoice #
  • @bipolarvoice they can cope. I don't reject the medical community. I just respect the approach of "find what works for you". in reply to bipolarvoice #
  • @bipolarvoice FYI, if someone doesn't have a support network, then I wouldn't even suggest a non-medical approach, but if they have people in reply to bipolarvoice #
  • @bipolarvoice around them, then I think trying approaches with the help of the support network is helpful. in reply to bipolarvoice #
  • RT @glennwheeler: good to see Wayne Swan displays the same arrogance in person as he does as treasurer as he departed Adelaide this morning. #
  • @glennwheeler At least Wayne Swan is consistently arrogant. A bit like economics…consistently wrong and befuddled. in reply to glennwheeler #
  • Traffic at a standstill Federal Hwy in to Canberra. Backed up beyond Majura Rd. @ACTPol_Traffic @2CC @PRIME7CanNews #canberra #
  • RT @2CC: Police executing a drug warrant on a vehicle on the Federal Highway. Southbound traffic at a standstill” #
  • Odd. Fire Brigade leaving Federal Highway scene. Not so sure about it being a drug bust…traffic still stopped heading in to Canberra #
  • Definite confirmation of drug bust now. #
  • RT @PRIME7CanNews: Witnesses say police yelled & pulled out rifles as they searched a car for drugs on the Federal Highway this afternoon. #
  • Still sitting still here, but they reckon… RT @ACTPol_Traffic: Federal HWY lane 2 Southbound now open. #
  • More police arriving at Federal Hwy drug bust. Traffic still at a standstill. #
  • And don't bother trying to do a u-turn and head back down to Majura Rd the wrong way…police will send you back to the Federal Hwy queue. #
  • Starting to move now. Still very heavy on Fed Hwy southbound. Avoid if possible. Use Majura Rd. #
  • @nat_forrest Hey Nat, just sent some footage your way from Fed Hwy in case you want it. Should be there now if my phone did it's job 🙂 #
  • And now that I'm home, the phone is being turned off! #

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