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August 2nd, 2012 at 09:00pm

  • @bipolarvoice Well that's your opinion and you're entitled to it. As someone who's been through it, I think he has a point in some cases. in reply to bipolarvoice #
  • @bipolarvoice For the record, I don't agree with all of Seth Farber's theories. What I know for sure is that spirituality and religious … in reply to bipolarvoice #
  • @bipolarvoice … beliefs did more to keep me alive than the medical profession. That could say something about Canberra's health system. in reply to bipolarvoice #
  • @bipolarvoice I certainly don't deny that psychiatrists and psychologists have an important role. I just believe in other options too. in reply to bipolarvoice #
  • RT @timwilsoncomau: The NBN is good for collecting government subsidies, stealing IP of artists and using YouTube: #
  • @timwilsoncomau I'm waiting for some group to realise that pornographic downloads might be faster, and reignite the filter debate. in reply to timwilsoncomau #
  • @timwilsoncomau After all, it's somewhat easier to run a filter when a government wholesaler provides the nation's Internet access. in reply to timwilsoncomau #
  • -6.6 about half an hour ago. I'm giving in and going to bed with the electric blanket. I'll get up later when the temperature is above zero. #
  • I loved the way a @foxnewsradio anchor introduced this: "I never thought I'd use these two words in the same sentence: Badminton…Scandal". #

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