Twitter Updates for 2012-07-09 Dealing with serious unprovoked physical attacks

Twitter Updates for 2012-07-10

July 10th, 2012 at 09:00pm

  • The four suspects at large in the "Fast & Furious" shooting death of Border Agent Brian Terry: Obama, Holder, Pelosi, Reid. #
  • @GordonDeal I loved your reaction to Mike's lamp study story on @WSJThisMorning. It gave me a good laugh…I had much the same reaction. #
  • For my dog-living New Jersey friends. July 14 outing RT @marklevinshow: PLEASE JOIN ME FOR WABC’S “BARK-IN-THE-PARK” #
  • @myfortdodge $0.14?? That's about how much I earn per month from Google ads on my blog! What was the legal action for? in reply to myfortdodge #
  • @ashkeenan How many deers have to be on the loose for a traffic alert in your part of the world? More than Brisbane obviously. in reply to ashkeenan #
  • Memo physicists: it's fiction! RT @australian BATMAN would need a parachute to land safely in real life, say physicists #
  • Surprise! Tim Flannery was wrong! RT @weatherzone_met: Murray-Darling's biggest drink in four months: #weatherzone #
  • @larryemdur @kyliegillies You could always endorse the Armenian News on SBS. Better yet, endorse @glennwheeler's endorsements! #
  • @leolaporte CNN is among the worst at many things, not just tech news, hence their rapidly declining ratings. TWIT is far superior 🙂 in reply to leolaporte #
  • @myfortdodge you can't even buy five cent lollies for $0.14…they were 25c each at my high school ten years ago. in reply to myfortdodge #
  • @kyliegillies @larryemdur glad I gave you two a laugh with my Armenian News suggestion 🙂 Have a great day guys. in reply to kyliegillies #
  • Kogan "taxes" IE7 users. Microsoft drops Kogan from Bing results. The more you tax something, the less of it you get. #
  • Oh no. So tasty. So sad. RT @7NewsMelbourne: Chocolate company Darrell Lea has gone into administration after 85 years. More to come. #
  • Two great people to watch RT @gretawire: Here is our entire, unedited "On The Record" interview with Sen. Orrin Hatch #
  • It is ironic that I had to edit @gretawire's tweet about an unedited interview in order to fit my comment in. #
  • Banning wood-fire heating is an overreach of government authority in my opinion. The way the ACT govt bans it in specific suburbs is nuts. #
  • I should clarify, I don't endorse everything which Sen. Orrin Hatch has done, but on balance I think he is great. #
  • Well that's a new one. Spam instructing me to not wear shoes which are too small, and trying to sell me a machine to stretch my shoes. #

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