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Senior Moment

January 26th, 2011 at 11:54am

I’m often jokingly told by people around my age that I come across as being a 70-year-old due to large differences in interests and views, and today I have to wonder if they might be on to something it terms of early-onset dementia, for last night I had quite the senior moment.

I had made myself a cup of coffee and retrieved a punnet of blueberries from the fridge, and was preparing to watch a DVD. I had placed the DVD case on my chair and went back to the bench to collect my coffee, which I did and brought it over to my chair. I then returned to the bench and collected the blueberries and put them on the arm of my chair.

I then went over to the television and turned it on, followed by the DVD player which, rather than turning on with the power button, I turned on with the “open/close” button, which both turns the DVD player on and opens the disc tray, saving me from an extra button press.

I went back to my chair, picked up the DVD case and took it over to the DVD player. I went to open the DVD case when it suddenly occurred to me that I was not holding a DVD case, but rather a punnet of blueberries, and that it would probably not be a good idea to place the blueberries in to the DVD player.

So I took the punnet of blueberries back to my chair and was going to pick up the DVD case, but it wasn’t there. This was baffling as it has been there only a couple minutes ago. After a quick search, I found it…it was on the bench. It seems that on my way back to the bench to collect the blueberries after delivering my coffee to my chair, I had moved the DVD case for no apparent reason.

Nattie, who was in her bed at the time, was watching me and giving me a rather odd look. I suppose that from her perspective it did look rather odd that I was walking back and forth across the room and moving objects around many more times than was necessary.

My very own senior moment. It’s not the first, and it won’t be the last, but it’s certainly the most amusing of them to date.


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