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Federal government gets the definition of “solar” wrong: gives money to people buying electric water heaters

June 16th, 2009 at 05:15pm

And there’s no prize for guessing that it’s the gas industry which is infuriated by the debacle:

The gas industry has slammed the government’s Renewable Energy Target (RET) legislation saying it is flawed and was misleading consumers.

Under the RET legislation to be introduced in parliament this week, households which install an electric water heater can apply for a rebate.

The Gas Industry Alliance says under the proposed RET, electric heat pump water heaters qualify as solar products and will be eligible for rebates.

Group spokesman Peter Harcus said the legislation makes no sense and should be amended if the RET is to be effective.

“Would you call your fridge a solar product? These electrical hot water products run the same way, driven by grid electricity and generate more greenhouse gas than genuine solar products,” Mr Harcus said.

“Under this policy, if you put your fridge outside, it would therefore be considered solar. It is a complete farce.”

Mr Harcus said consumers were being misled by “bogus” solar products which run on electricity and produce more carbon emissions than a solar energy system.

The gas industry group is calling for electric heat pump systems to be removed from the scheme.

It says due to the inclusion of electric hot water systems for rebates, the RET will fail to deliver the 20 per cent electricity generation from renewable sources by 2020.

Hmmm, a solar fridge…that’s one thing I haven’t seen Malcolm Douglas pull out of the back of his four-wheel drive yet. Maybe he will do so the next time Channel Seven decide to show one of his dubious outback cooking shows.


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