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The history of political correctness

May 15th, 2009 at 01:05pm

2UE’s Jim Ball came across an interesting little video from The Free Congress Foundation about the history of political correctness, and its base in statism (that is, the political systems which believe that power should be centralised in a governing body (the state) rather than distributed amongst the people).

In introducing the video, Jim quotes from “Political Correctness Must Die” by James Hudnall:

Marxists have murdered many times more people than the Nazis. They have destroyed the livelihoods of people the world over and imprisoned many millions in gulags and work camps. The last thing we want to do is let them win here or anywhere else.

While it may seem communism is dead, communism, socialism, fascism are all part of a many headed hydra called statism. These are political systems which are all about empowering the state as much as possible. The name they go under now is “progressive.” Many progressives on the ground think they are fighting for equal rights and social justice. The progressive elites know better. They want power and control over people’s lives. Political correctness is a tool to accomplish these goals.

The video goes for 22 minutes, but it is well worth finding some time over the weekend to sit down and watch it.


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