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June 27th, 2008 at 07:47pm

2GB‘s continuous call team are, for one technical reason or another, not currently being distributed via satellite. I wonder how many network stations are doing the same thing as 2CC and rebroadcasting 2GB’s webstream as a stopgap measure until the satellite feed returns.

One thing I really like about 2GB’s webstream is that it is almost broadcast quality, unlike many other radio station webstreams which sound like somebody decided to run some string between some tins. I’m sure the network stations appreciate the sound quality as well. Although if the person panelling at 2CC could just increase the volume on the webstream channel that would be great, because you are a very long way below normal levels at the moment.

This reminds me of a satellite failure a few years back in which 2CC rebroadcasted 2UE’s webstream overnight. Unfortunately, despite the better sound quality of the webstream being used this time, the sound quality of 2CC’s broadcast is roughly the same due to the levels being very low and the sound being partially obscured by static. Hopefully the satellite will be back shortly.

The other unfortunate thing about this outage is that the webstream is a bit behind the live broadcast, so it’s rather difficult to have the radio on and watch the match on television as the two don’t come close to syncing up. I might have to do what I do when I listen to 3AW’s AFL coverage online, and use a PVR to delay the television footage by the appropriate number of seconds.

Update 7:50pm: Somebody at 2CC reading this per chance? Thanks to the panel op for fixing the audio problems, that’s much better! End Update

Further update 7:55pm: I just went to synchronise the television with the radio coverage and found that they are already in sync. Obviously the satellite feed has returned. End Update


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