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Disturbing dreams

June 27th, 2008 at 05:20pm

I have previously mentioned the fact that one of the side-effects of the medication I am on is rather vivid dreams. To some extent this has taken the fun out of my intermittent and peculiar dreams because I am now being flooded by peculiar dreams and, as such, I’m not as inclined to share them as I once was.

In many cases, this is probably a good thing. In the last week I’ve had a repeat performance of a dream from about six-eight weeks ago where somebody hung himself in front of me and there was an awful lot of screaming in the room, I have a dream where I’ve been accused of being a stalker (probably justified seeing as I followed a person home from a paddock and knocked on their door so that I could talk to them), and this morning I had a couple odd dreams.

Sadly the mix of being awake for ten minutes or so during the night to check on the progress of a lengthy and mundane task that doesn’t want to work properly, then sleeping for 45 minutes and repeating the process, produces even weirder dreams, in my case I started dreaming about the work that I was doing. I had two strange dreams about this subject this morning, but I only clearly remember one of them now.

The dream started at some sort of backyard function where I have apparently made a clear request for people to not close the lid on my laptop because if that happens, the task it is performing will stop and I will lose a lot of work. Jump forward in time a bit and I’m being harassed by a bunch of gnomes to set up small tables, with a threat of being sued if I don’t do as they say. After a brief argument I walked back to my laptop only to find the lid closed and a girl from one of my primary school classes walking away from it. I ran over to her and questioned her about it, and she claimed that she was perfectly justified in her actions by the fact that I had once touched her property and she was therefore entitled to retribution.

The organiser of the backyard function them walked outside and started telling me off for my task now being behind schedule, for not watching my laptop more closely and for arguing with people when I was clearly in the wrong. I started screaming something about how I was going to commit suicide and that I wanted everyone to leave me alone and not try to stop me. Naturally they didn’t, they called the police instead. I quietly crept out the front and grabbed some keys from one of the police officers before stealing one of the police cars…at which point the police starting shooting at the car and the dream ended.

I’m starting to wonder if these dreams are going to become any less peculiar any time soon or whether they are just going to keep getting weirder. I suppose I should take some comfort from the fact that these dreams are merely works of fiction being generated by my head and they have nothing to do with reality…but it’s hard to take comfort in that, when I know that my head is generating the ridiculous and disturbing scenarios.


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