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January 15th, 2008 at 05:32am

Yesterday during my rundown of the new 2UE schedule I spent three paragraphs talking about program intros. In one of those paragraphs I made my thoughts pretty clear about what I would like to see happen with a few intros:
1. Steve Price to continue using Hunters and Collectors’ “Holy Grail”.
2. It would be interesting to see what intro Tim Webster uses.
3. Stuart Bocking should get his own intro rather than using last year’s summer intro.

The results:
1. Steve Price gets a piece of production music, which is nowhere near as good as the catchy “Holy Grail”.
2. Tim Webster gets the very catchy Van Morrison song “Jackie Wilson Said” (whatever happened to Lawsie’s Cuckoo’s Nest…they should put together a new version of that song called “Timmy Webster Said”).
3. Stuart Bocking keeps using the same intro…I suppose that, seeing as nobody else is using it any more, it is technically his.

2CC also haven’t wasted any time, they already have a promo for “Weekdays on 2CC’ featuring Mike Jeffreys, Steve Price, Tim Webster and Mike Welsh in heavy rotation.

Courtesy of 2UE/Fairfax and 2CC/Capital Radio Network and for the purposes of archiving the beginning of the post-Laws era, here are the various intros and 2CC’s “Weekdays on 2CC” promo. Unless I can find my dodgy recording of the old Steve Price Drive Show intro on my digital notetaker, this will be the last 2UE and 2CC audio I post for a while.
Download MP3

I don’t know whether Steve Price’s 2UE intro and his network intro were both assigned to the network or they decided to double up on the voiceover for the fun of it, but it was like that each hour. Also worth noting is that unlike John Stanley’s show, Tim Webster’s 2UE intro is not being assigned to the network, which makes 2CC’s return from the news much cleaner. 2CC use the same intro for the afternoon show as 2UE except for the local voiceover…the two intros are rarely synchronised so it was always very obvious when John’s 2UE intro had been assigned to the network as the music changed quite oddly when 2CC jumped from their own intro to the network feed.

Both Steve Price and Tim Webster have short intros and don’t seem to have different “start of show” and “return from news” intros. Previously it was common for shows to have a longer intro at the beginning of the show and a shorter one as they returned from the news (although John Laws just played whatever intro he felt like).

Update: Five past ten, and a “More of the Steve Price morning show” intro…looks like tradition isn’t leaving after all. End Update

Stuart Bocking still has the differing intros, and unlike the Steve Price and Tim Webster intros, Stuart’s intro lingers, allowing him to slowly fade it out.

As for 2CC’s weekday promo, a very good job by Production. I should probably thank them for granting one of my Christmas wishes and updating the “open line” promo too.

I’m going to let Steve and Tim settle in for at least the rest of this week before I make further comment on their new shows. I’ve already made a few comments on their first day (although I have to admit that I slept through the last hour or so of Tim Webster’s show and only heard later that he has retained the “chat with the drive show host” segment at 2:55 and John Stanley was on there, I was surprised that 2CC didn’t run their usual “On this day” segment at that time, perhaps they don’t have the pre-recorded goodbyes from Tim Webster yet) and it is only fair that I give them some time to settle in properly before making any more comments.


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