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It is alleged that actually the male did this of course

December 24th, 2007 at 05:45am

I don’t like to criticise the police because I am generally very supportive of their efforts. I think they do a fantastic job and deserve to be commended for their work, but this morning I find myself compelled to express a minor gripe.

A message for Senior Constable Sasha (something which sounded like “Lidcombe”) from the Media Unit of the New South Wales Police, who presented a report for Clive Robertson on 2UE this morning. “Actually” and “of course”, whilst useful additions to sentences, become very annoying when added to almost every sentence. “Alleged” is understandable as you are forced to use that for anybody who has not yet had their innocence or guilt proven by a court of law, but “actually” and “of course” are rarely useful additions to a sentence. They add a bit of colour to some sentences, but are highly annoying when used in every second sentence for no apparent reason.

Apart from that Senior Constable Sasha (something which sounded like “Lidcombe”), I think you are doing a great job. You read the stories well and you interact with the program host in a friendly and professional manner. Hopefully if you read this, you will take this feedback in the constructive manner in which it is intended.

Merry Christmas Senior Constable, may your Christmas and the Christmas of every police officer in the country be safe and uneventful.


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