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Samuel’s Blog Weekly Poll: Federal Election 2007

November 17th, 2007 at 05:14pm

You may recall that in May I ran a two party preferred poll to see who people thought they might vote for at the federal election. The results showed a first preference win to the coalition, 49% to 41%, over Labor, with the 10% of people voting “other”.

This time around, with the election just a week away, I’m doing much the same thing, except this time the poll names the four major parties. The results will be announced on election day.

I was going to name the parties in double-randomised order, much like the Australian Electoral Commission do with candidates on ballot papers, however I decided to go with alphabetical order as there is too much room for accusations of bias if I list certain parties ahead of others.

If you would like to explain your decision to vote for your chosen party or “other”, then I would be most interested in hearing your point of view in the comments.

It will also be interesting to see how close the results of this poll are to the make-up of the next House of Representatives.

Last week’s poll result was fairly expectable.

Do you think voting should be compulsory?

Total Votes: 41
Started: November 12, 2007

Over two thirds of people agree with compulsory voting…I suppose the remaining 29% can lodge their protest on November 24 by lodging informal votes (not that I condone such behaviour).


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