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It’s good to see Civic is still providing amusement

November 23rd, 2007 at 01:25am

For some reason I still have a Google alert set up for “Dickson College”, it doesn’t usually provide much of interest, but it did provide me with some amusement tonight.

Somebody named Molika, who has just submitted her enrolment application for Dickson College, wrote an article on her blog about some shopping she did in Civic. Whilst in Civic she was bombarded with people handing out political pamphlets…I’ll let her explain.

I went into the city today & you know how it is nearly the election day, there was so many people handing out pamphlet & yelling out of the top of their lungs how we should vote this party & so on. Well anyways, as i was walking this lady with a heap of pamphlet stopped me & i knew that she was about to give me one of those useless pamphlet so i said to her “I am not old enough to vote yet”. Which she replied with a smart arse comment “Oh what a shame, take one anyway & give it to someone you know”. I was gobsmacked! I was thinking, “does she have a hearing problem or something? I just told her that i was not old enough to vote! & now she’s giving me one of these crap pamphlet about how I should be voting for the greens?”. So i just walked off & gave her a dirty, whilst giving her the attitude i ripped up the pamphlet to bit & pieces and threw it out the bin! LOL!!! Should have seen her face, priceless

That story arrived at just the right time. I needed a good laugh, and Molika provided it. Thank you Molika.


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