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New ACTION Timetables Coming Soon

April 18th, 2007 at 07:27am

Seeing as an email I didn’t send to Mike Jeffreys somehow got in to his hands and was subsequently read out on the air on 2CC, I might as well publish the information here. The more public the information is, the harder it will be for ACTION or Territory and Municipal Services to change their minds.

It would appear that the government want ACTION to come up with a new set of timetables to expand services in the middle of the day, before the end of the school holidays. Considering that it generally takes months of wrangling between the Transport Workers Union and ACTION for any timetable change to occur, I find the deadline amusing, none the less the plan makes sense.

At the moment a lot of drivers have a split shift where they spend a couple hours on “depot duties”, then go home for a while, and come back for the evening peak period. The plan is to turn the depot duties in to extra buses during the day. There are a few issues with making the new shifts work as ACTION have sold quite a few buses, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we have a new timetable by the end of next month.


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