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It’s the first nightmare I’ve had in ages!

April 18th, 2007 at 11:19am

Long-term readers of this blog would know that I like to write accounts of my dreams, those same readers would probably struggle to remember one of my nightmares. Well generally I don’t have them, but as I had one yesterday I should write it down for your amusement.

The dream starts with WIN Television’s local news and the tail end of a report about something. In the dream I wasn’t actually watching the news, the news telecast seemed to be the dream. Anyway at the end of the report Peter Leonard appeared with the next story, and it was him saying that he was driving on the federal highway and got his car stuck in the rather deep gravel trap at the off ramp to the Hume Highway’s southbound lanes, Phil Small then said to Peter with a chuckle that he has been accident free for 15 years, they chatted about their age and what colour the lines on the road should be for a few moments before deciding that they should go to the report on Peter’s accident.

The dream then moved to the site of Peter’s (now cleared) accident. I was standing there looking over at the Hume Highway (looking strangely like Parkes Way) and noticed one car on fire, a lot of debris, and a lot of damaged vehicles scattered all over the place, but there was no traffic anywhere. I spotted a shed on the other side of the road, the sign on the shed said that it was the depot for the New South Wales Parks and Wildlife Service’s Hume Highway Forest division. I decided that they would be the best people to help in this situation and went over to the shed.

When I got there I met the deputy park ranger who said I could speak to the chief park ranger who was out the back, I went over to the back door whilst the deputy park ranger headed towards the kitchen. Something didn’t seem right, and I couldn’t quite work out why I recognised the deputy park ranger, but I went off to find the chief park ranger anyway. As I was heading towards the back door a handful of injured people walked in the front door, and just as I reached the back door the chief park ranger walked through it with more injured people. The chief park ranger was none other than actor Anthony LaPaglia, and he asked me to go and get the deputy park ranger as he was “ready for his assistance with these people”.

I said nothing but noticed Anthony LaPaglia was walking towards the wall with various gardening tools and saws on it, I started to walk around the corner to the kitchen and noticed the deputy park ranger (who I now recognised as actor Craig Charles) was holding a bunch of very large knives, by this stage Anthony LaPaglia was holding a large saw and a hedge trimmer. Both of them were preparing to attack. My instinct was to run, but I instead told them that some movie they had both been in (no such movie exists in real life) had been terrible, and reminded them how much money the film company lost due to it. For some reason they stopped walking towards the crowd, and melted whilst screaming.

The crowd and I then rushed across the Hume Highway and took refuge in the back yard of a house where we all started putting pegs on the Hills Hoist rotary clothes line.

The dream, or more correctly, nightmare, then ended.


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