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NEWS FLASH: Tridge describes bitkeeper at lca

April 21st, 2005 at 12:17pm

This morning at tridge described how he worked out the bitkeeper protocol.
Connect to a bitkeeper server with telnet and type "?" (without the quotes of course).

Tridge also refuted being a wizard…

On a slightly related note, Linus & Linus have new quotes today, and the lca vikings are preventing people from taking white mugs outside (pictures coming soon)

As for my seminar video, well I played with the audio last night, there are still large chunks of non-understandable speech, but it would probably do as an interim release…please note that the interim release will not have any presentation slides editied in, as I can’t really tell when I brought them up. Once I have the microphone audio I will then be able to edit in the slides and use the camera audio as background noise. I will also be able at that stage to add titles and other important stuff, including creating a DVD and placing the iso online, which, thanks to the lovely people at, will be available for download at a decent speed…

According to google alerts, this blog has now been indexed and is appearing in search results, googlebot has also visited the photo gallery, so hopefully that will appear on google shortly as well. Last night while editing the audio, I was watching my webserver spitting logs, and was glad to see that people are using the ubuntu cd’s available from the registration desk at lca.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart reporting for Samuel’s lcaLIVE

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