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Griffith by-election

February 9th, 2014 at 10:17am

An email to 2UE’s George Moore and Paul B. Kidd in regards to the Griffith By-Election where, unfortunately, the brilliant LNP candidate Dr. Bill Glasson looks set to be defeated despite winning first preferences 43.6% to 39.0% (at latest count) over the Labor candidate.

Hi George and Paul,

I feel sorry for Dr. Bill Glasson. He’s a great man who has put in a lot of effort in Griffith and was forced to put in his time and effort a second time by the duplicitous Kevin Rudd taking his bat and ball and going home when he lost the Prime Ministership to Tony Abbott.

Bill would have been a great MP, but I hope that he can now get away from politics and focus on his medical career.

As for preferential voting…what a joke. A system based on the idea that if you can’t get an absolute majority, you have to rely on the preferences of the least popular politicians…in other words a system which favours the supporters of fringe kooks. First preferences should be the only preference…whoever gets the most votes wins, absolute majority or not. It’s the only fair way.


P.S. I’m leaving for the US for a few weeks on Tuesday. I’m looking forward to listening to US talk radio while I’m over there but will be sure to tune in to you as well. Keep an eye out for a postcard!

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  • 1. Padders  |  February 9th, 2014 at 12:57 pm

    Agree with all you said. Leftards will howl you down of course for wishing to abolish the preferential system, saying FPP favours the conservatives – like that’s our problem! Dr Glasson’s only mistake was that he insisted on standing in the electorate in which he lives, where, unfortunately, far too many people clearly still suck on the welfare teet. Perhaps there will be another retirement from the Coaltion in this term. If so, there is an LNP Queensland electorate where, should Dr Glasson stand, he should win & do very well (not that the encumbent has set the bar very high). Yes, the good Doctor just has to head a couple of hundred kilometres to the southwest and breathe in some healthy country air!


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