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April 21st, 2013 at 12:59pm

Last weekend on Saturday afternoon while I was watching the AFL (North Melbourne V Sydney) on the TV, with the TV muted and the webstream on SEN‘s commentary of the match on instead, Pebbles decided to partake in some bird watching, a task which has become a fair bit easier of late with the addition of some budgies and quails to the backyard.

Pebbles often stands at the cage and watches the birds. Unfortunately she also thinks it would be great fun to catch a small fluffy bird, and so she does get excited and jump on the cage a bit, which upsets the birds. Slowly she is being trained not to do that, but it doesn’t help when the birds realise that they are safe in the cage and taunt Pebbles by fluttering about directly in front of her.

In the video you can see Pebbles jump on the cage, at which point I had to call her back inside.

A little while later (when Pebbles had gone back outside) I decided to join her and watch the birds for a little while. Of course Pebbles decided early on in the piece that I wasn’t paying enough attention to her and that I needed to be climbed on.

The budgies and the quails seemed to be having quite a bit of fun.

In all of these videos, SEN’s AFL commentary can be heard in the background.


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