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August 25th, 2012 at 09:00pm

  • Sounds like @Radio2UE have introduced a new news intro. Sounds a bit like an air raid siren starting up with a remix of the late 90s intro #
  • Mass shooting outside Empire State Building. Gunman is dead. I'm starting to wonder if the recent spate of shootings is coordinated. #
  • I hope I'm way off the mark, but I do find myself wondering if the recent shootings are coordinated to make gun control an election topic. #
  • @7netsport Someone tell Pres there's two 7 bugs up on Sydney 7mate…there has been for some time. #
  • Toby has sent me some spam. Apparently he can help with my "fridge maget project". I think I'll hesitate to contact him. #
  • If we can make fake meat out of vegetables, then we should be able to make fake vegetables out of meat. #
  • Oh goody! More spam. This time for sanitary moulds and toilet seat covers. #
  • Fire alarm at Win Stadium while Dragons V Warriors. Alarm set off by Andrew Moore and Steve Roach whose commentary is on fire on @2GB873 #
  • Early indications show a landslide conservative victory in the Northern Territory. ABC computer: CLP currently lead 13-4. 15 needed to win. #
  • Typo in previous tweet. You actually only need 13 seats to win the NT election, not 15. On that note, CLP now projected to win at least 14. #
  • @coffeyn indeed. It certainly is closer now. Still looking good though. in reply to coffeyn #
  • Good to see Bess Price win a seat in the NT election. Her election surely says something about Labor's mishandling of the NT Intervention. #
  • Um, @abcmarkscott Why does our pro-diversity govt broadcaster not have a single Aboriginal person hosting the NT election coverage? #ntvotes #

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