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May 29th, 2012 at 09:00pm

  • Yay, Bulldogs beat the Roosters 30-12 🙂 #
  • Tiny boost for Labor, but it will revert with the infighting & ongoing mass job losses. Newspoll 2 Party Preferred: ALP 46 (+1) L/NP 54 (-1) #
  • When you look at the primary vote, it's still a wipeout. RT @SkyNewsAust: PRIMARY VOTE Labor 32% (+2) Coalition 46% (+1) Greens 12% (steady) #
  • Good morning. Little dog Pebbles is trying to get up on a chair for a better view of the @tenbreakfast finance report! #
  • RT @markparton: Tim Flannery is not a stupid man. R U surprised by the teeth filling call from the weekend. WTF ? #
  • @markparton not at all Mark. The only surprise was that Flannery didn't blame dentures for his predicted perennial droughts not occurring. in reply to markparton #
  • Least surprising story of the day. RT @Drudge_Report: STUDY: GLOBAL WARMING SKEPTICS HAVE MORE SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE… #
  • @Barnaby_Joyce on @tenbreakfast: whenever government utters the word 'environment', it gets omnipotent powers and you can't argue against it #
  • Sure does seem that way at times @Barnaby_Joyce, but at least some of us see through the nonsense they push in the name of the environment. #
  • @trentg85 If you tell Vision that story, they'll tell you that you were guided to listen at that time, and send you a program guide in reply to trentg85 #
  • @nat_forrest @lachlan_kennedy an embargo worked really well for me in radio in Deni once. Went badly when AAP released a story early though. in reply to nat_forrest #
  • It seems like there's been a spate of pileups in Canberra recently MT @ACTPol_Traffic 4 Vehicle Collision GDE Sthbound near Belco Way exit. #
  • Another one! RT @ACTPol_Traffic 3 vehicle collision at Hindmarsh Drive west bound lane, near Jerrabomberra Avenue. Expect Delays. #
  • Mark Davis, one of @rushlimbaugh's fill-in hosts, has signed with a competitor of a Limbaugh affiliate. Alas I guess he won't fill in again. #
  • Mark Davis was heard on Cumulus' WBAP Dallas Fort Worth, a Limbaugh affiliate, but is moving to Salem's KSKY Dallas. #
  • Pity really, I like Mark Davis much more than Mark Belling, and Mark Steyn doesn't sit in for Rush anywhere near often enough. #
  • @trentg85 I like the idea of the format (both stations) but don't particularly enjoy the music. Glad they're there though. in reply to trentg85 #
  • Up next, Tim Flannery blames this on mercury in teeth RT @2CC: Local News: Coldest May in 50 years #canberra #
  • @lachlan_kennedy @nat_forrest I think AAP believe in quantity rather than quality for their radio/TV text feed sometimes. Love/hate for sure in reply to lachlan_kennedy #

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