Online gambling to have less regulations while pokies have more? Twitter Updates for 2012-05-26

Twitter Updates for 2012-05-25

May 25th, 2012 at 09:00pm

  • @NRLgameplan Always good to watch you discuss the footy on a Thursday night. Even better this week that I'm not at work and can watch live. #
  • @NRLgameplan Tigers by a six. Two great teams, but I've never liked the Cowboys away from home, especially against a competitive side. in reply to NRLgameplan #
  • Not quite what I was expecting to see in an underground carpark. A bird perched on a bonnet. #
  • Well that's the dumbest thing I've heard this week. The Woden @actgovernment shopfront can't make bookings for roadworthy inspections. #
  • And yet the Woden @actgovernment shopfront can book licence tests. Why not the roadworthy inspections?? #
  • I also don't appreciate being huffed at by government shopfront people just because I don't know all of their illogical policies. #
  • It gets better. @actgovernment call centre informs me that their website gave me a wrong $ amount for stamp duty. #
  • Also @actgovernment call centre says mystical formula for stamp duty is $3 in every $100, but not 3%, and only shopfronts can calculate it. #
  • In summary. @actgovernment vehicle registration system is a farcical debacle of a mess, and should be decimated and rebuilt from scratch. #
  • Headless chickens could run a better system! Can you tell that I'm very agitated right now? Hmmm, it's an election year too @actgovernment.. #
  • I decided to do something constructive with my frustrating ACT Government Shopfront experience. ACT Opposition MLAs have been informed. #
  • Many thanks to the @TheIPA for the great winter reading which arrived in my PO Box today: Chris Berg's 'In Defence of Freedom Of Speech' 🙂 #
  • @TheIPA Will do. I hope you have a great weekend. in reply to TheIPA #
  • Oh dear. I hope everyone is OK. RT @nataliejpeters: Christchurch has been hit by another earthquake, magnitude 5.2 #CHCH #

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