Real unemployment is through the roof on Obama’s watch Thoughts on the 2012/2013 federal budget

Twitter Updates for 2012-05-08

May 8th, 2012 at 09:00pm

  • America will be performing in Wollongong in September. I'll be on leave, so I think I'll go unless they're coming to Canberra too. #
  • If Wayne Swan is giving away once-off payments in tonight's budget, it proves his once-off $900 stimulus cheques were politically motivated. #
  • This hit my phone at 6:25am. Countdown to Aussie media picking it up…“@foxnewsalert: CIA thwarted an underwear bomb plot on US-bound jet” #
  • Thearted bomb plot story. Fox mobile alert 6:25am. Herald Sun 7:06am. Ten Breakfast 7:07am. The Australian 7:17am. New York Post 7:40am. #
  • Ticker on Seven's Sunrise just ran a mention of the thwarted bombing of a US bound plane. 8:03am: about 100 minutes after the Fox alert. #
  • @2CC Jorian, as frustrating as Slipper and Thomson are, parliament can not and should not act to evict elected MPs without legal grounds. in reply to 2CC #
  • Ahhh, 1:24 in the afternoon. Time for bed. The joys of life as a shift worker…your timetable fails to resemble anyone else's timetable. #
  • Listening to the nation's best analysis of the federal budget with @Ross_Greenwood on @2GB873 streaming at until 9pm #
  • I was highly amused this morning to hear Seven's "finance expert" David Koch ask if lottery winnings are taxed. No, and he should know that. #
  • Just noticed Peggy Lee's "It's A Good Day" on a Garnier commercial. Jim Ball used to play that every day on his radio show. #
  • @MichaelByrnes I believe Jim is happily retired in a seaside suburb of northern Sydney. in reply to MichaelByrnes #
  • Rather than all of these spending programs, Wayne Swan would be better off delivering a corporate tax cut. Benefits would reach everyone. #
  • Wayne's way will boost inflation by directly giving people money, creating an excuse for price rises. #
  • A company (or better yet, across the board business tax cut) would have lowered prices, increased spending, and boosted tax revenue. #
  • Wayne Swan can complain about his company tax cut not passing all he likes, but it's his fault for attaching unacceptable conditions to it. #
  • @ABCNews24 @jotorrens it's "hear hear", not "here here". #
  • RT @coffeyn: About 5 times now Swan has addressed the Chair as 'Mr Speaker'. Prob written in his speech. Some EL2 in Treasury will cop it #
  • So, the government's electronic health records. Optional or mandatory? I'm quite happy with my paper records NOT being on a Govt database. #
  • Note how the 2012/2013 surplus was created. They shifted spending to 2011/2012, blowing out this year's deficit. In business, that's fraud. #

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