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Saturday Night Live writer calls Sean Hannity dumbest person on TV. Clearly he forgot Al Sharpton

April 16th, 2012 at 10:35am

Newsbusters’ Noel Sheppard has an interesting piece today about Jim Downey, one of the writers for Saturday Night Live, a long-running television comedy program which is somewhat noticeable for its left-wing bias, although I will credit the fact that it does take aim at people on the left every now and then as well, just not with the same vigour as it attacks figures on the right.

Noel was braver than I could ever be, and read an entire column in the New York Times. In said column, right near the end of it, Jim Downey made the following comment while discussing his plans to parody Sean Hannity:

I think I’m right in saying that he’s the dumbest person who’s ever been paid to speak on television.

Really? Sean Hannity dumb?? The Sean Hannity who manages to speak in full sentences for at least four hours each and every day throughout his radio and television shows, while constantly asking pertinent and probing questions about the issues of the day, and making insightful observations?

I’m sorry Mr. Downey, but you are wrong. There is no other way to put it. You might disagree with Sean, and many people do which is fine, but he is certainly not dumb. If you want to look at somebody who is dumb, how about the amazingly incoherent Al Sharpton.

“Resist we much”? The Dow went down by 630%??

After watching that and feeling my brain melt with every passing word, I feel obliged to provide you with some sanity. So, by way of comparison, here is the very intelligent and insightful Sean Hannity interviewing the also very intelligent and insightful Mark Levin on Sean’s TV show.

Now, isn’t that better? Makes you wonder what, if anything, was going through Jim Downey’s head when he made that stupid comment doesn’t it?


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