Some Monday Bits Qantas grounded, so I’m driving

An email to 2UE’s Mike Jeffreys

June 21st, 2011 at 01:28am

Greetings Mike from the southern outpost of Melbourne where Andrew Bolt was speaking tonight about freedom of speech, something which he was very able to demonstrate by producing a list of things, prepared by his lawyers, about which he is forbidden from speaking while a certain court case continues. It was a very good illustration of the dangers of the loss of freedom of speech.

Anyway, I’m glad that Kevin Rudd’s job-killing minimum hours per shift restriction has been repealed, or at least reduced to a sensible number. School-age kids can finally have after-school jobs again. The idea that any of them could work for three hours after school on any day except late-night trading or the weekend was ridiculous, and would impinge on their ability to complete their school work anyway…although I suppose that in the ideal world of Kevin Rudd, school-age kids would not work, but would instead have their own taxpayer-funded incomes and be encouraged to divorce their parents and spread the virtues of socialism to all.

The unions are only upset because some eager and cheaper young staff might be more productive than the unionised workforce.

Also Mike, it might interest you to know that when I got to Melbourne and turned on the radio in my room, the news report which was on noted that flights in Melbourne were to be grounded tomorrow due to the ash cloud, which sent me in to a frenzy of trying to re-arrange my plans for tomorrow. It was only after I returned from the Andrew Bolt event that I bothered to double check this information and found that it’s actually Adelaide which will be grounded. I then checked the radio and discovered that it was tuned to the instrumental music flavor of taxpayer radio. I should know better than to trust the news on that form of radio!

I do wish that your show was on the radio down here. It would be so much easier to call you on the phone if the number didn’t divert to 3AW, but alas, I suppose I can wait until I’m back in Canberra to ring you again.

Have a great day, and I hope Jack is well.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart
On loan to Melbourne

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