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The Sunday Bits for April 4, 2010

April 4th, 2010 at 10:01am

The name isn’t original (it was the original name of the Mike Jeffreys highlights package of a Sunday morning on 2CC) but I intend on using it anyway as it is an appropriate name. Basically my plan is that whatever I don’t get around to writing about during the week but still want to mention, can be posted as a brief story in a collection of stories on a Sunday.

In a way, it’s cheating, as it means that I really don’t have to think too hard on a Sunday as I can write most of this during the week.


The Bureau of Meteorology’s national weather radar service has apparently recorded some peculiar patterns such as spirals and doughnuts, causing conspiracy websites to go in to meltdown. The Bureau are blaming “occasional interference to the radar data” but are refusing to comment on the matter.

Sorry BOM, but until you at least attempt to explain what could cause the interference, I’m with the conspiracy buffs…there is more to this story.


FlashForward’s ratings have hit a new low, continuing a general downward trend. In a way I’m pleased about this. I love the show, but as I said from the outset, it’s not a show which can viably stretch its storyline beyond one season.


On the subject of ratings, 2GB’s Alan Jones and Ray Hadley both recorded their 50th consecutive ratings victory, spearheading 2GB’s continued dominance of Sydney’s airwaves. It was 2GB’s 48th consecutive win. Every single one of 2GB’s weekday shifts rakes in double digit ratings, with all but Jason Morrison’s show taking out overall first spot. Jason is in third spot on 11.3% behind the Hamish and Andy juggernaut (I seriously don’t get Hamish and Andy…I know that a lot of people do and I congratulate them on their success, but I just don’t find the show funny) and the ABC’s Richard Glover.


There are two misconceptions in this world which never cease to amaze me. “Conservative = authoritarian” and “gay = left wing”. Both, while possible and in a number of cases, actual, are not necessarily true. President of “Right Pride“, an organisation representing conservative gay people, Mark Ciavola, appeared on KXNT’s Morning Source with Alan Stock to set the record straight. Mark’s motto? “Less Taxes. More Dead Terrorists!”
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You’re a pastor at a church, attendance is falling, and you want to bring people in to share the Easter message. What do you do? How about giving away over $2 million in prizes to people who attend your Easter services? That’s precisely what a church in Texas is doing and, apparently it’s working. The question is though, will the people come back next week?


2CC and 2CA swapped breakfast hosts for half an hour on April 1. I was asleep and missed it (I got up at 8:30am Thursday and have been awake for all but 12 hours since). Apparently it confused a lot of people. Their news also ran a story about the service station in Campbell re-opening and selling fuel at something like $1.10 per litre. It’s that sort of within-the-realms-of-possibility April Fools story which makes so many radio April Fools Day news stories so much more believable than nonsense like Google’s vowel outage.


And finally, daylight saving has ended. I’m disappointed because I like the dark mornings, but I suppose that with the sun rising about about 7am in daylight saving time as it is, if we left it in place we’d be having peak hour in the dark by the time winter rolls around. Hmmm, if Kevin Rudd did that, the mechanics would be the beneficiaries, and would probably have to put massive grammatically incorrect electoral advertising useful and informative signs in front of their buildings.

Happy Easter everybody.


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