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Not the best night…

May 10th, 2009 at 09:05pm

A quick checklist on how not to have a good night in a radio station

1. Have a sore throat and almost no voice
2. Find that virtually every scheduled break is wrong, and you need to find a way to fix them all…meaning dropped breaks and probably needing to find a slot for them later in the night
3. Voice nearly gives up on you during a weather read
4. Miss the start of a break due to trying to get water from the kitchen to help with the sore throat (and the interview being unexpectedly cut in half)
5. Have the end of the break mangled by the computer, forcing manual correction of the next break
Updated6. Startrax declares that it won’t play an ad because of top of hour timing issues, so I move it to the first spot in the next break…it then decides to play the ad and prevent me from skipping the manually inserted ad, forcing me to mute Startrax and create dead air while I abort the ad and force the next one to play. The break was already well over the allocated time, so I returned to the show with only moments left before Sheridan started talking again.
7. Lose my voice during the final weather read and start squeaking!
8. Now for the walk home…if I wasn’t carrying stuff which I don’t want to get broken, it would be great if somebody could run me over and cause me to become unconscious for a while as my throat heals.End Update

And counting…


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