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“Your Prime Minister Included”

April 3rd, 2009 at 04:00pm

It looks like the phrase “me too” was banned during the 2007 election campaign, as Kevin Rudd prefers to use the phrase “your prime minister included”.

The pretentious phrase was used as Mr. Rudd tried to bumble his way out of today’s fiasco, the revelations about his amazing ability to reduce females in the Air Force to tears:

Kevin Rudd apologised to a flight attendant on a Royal Australian Air Force VIP flight earlier this year after she was subjected to an angry outburst from the prime minister over not being served the meal he wanted.

The incident occurred on a flight from Port Moresby to Australia in January and News Limited newspapers report that the 23-year-old RAAF flight attendant was reduced to tears over Mr Rudd’s anger.

But Mr Rudd downplayed the incident when he was asked about it at the conclusion of the G20 summit in the British capital on Thursday, saying he did not “observe” any tears over the matter.

Cue the Rudd-speak

“As I recall it, there was a flight, I think from Port Moresby, and I had a discussion with, I think, one of the attendants on the provision of food. It didn’t last very long and if anyone was offended by that, including the attendant concerned, of course, I apologise,” Mr Rudd said during a news conference.

“The provision of food”? That sounds like he was selecting the menu and choosing which meal would go to each person on the plane. A more sensible phrase would have been “my meal”.

Mr. Rudd went on to demonstrate that he knew his choice of words was offensive by saying that people shouldn’t worry about it:

Mr Rudd said that as he recalled, he told a member of the crew not to worry about the language he had used.

“I said to the member of staff not to worry about it,” Mr Rudd said.

Mr Rudd is well known for his extreme work ethic and rumours abound of accounts involving staff who have been on the receiving end of the prime minister’s sharp temper.

“Extreme work ethic”, didn’t Barack Obama use that excuse a few weeks ago?

Mr. Rudd has apologised for upsetting people, but I can’t find any apology for the incident itself.

“As I said before, if I upset anybody on that particular flight I’m really sorry. I apologise for it and, as I said at the time to one of the staff on the plane, that’s it.

“We’re all human, we all make mistakes, your prime minister included.”

Yes your Majest…err…Prime Ministership.

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