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From The Vault: July 7 2006

May 1st, 2007 at 02:03pm

It’s the first day of the month again, which means it’s time to pull an old post out of the vault and display it again in all its glory.

This month we are going all the way back to the 7th of July last year, and a rather disturbing dream I had.

Disturbing Dream

July 7th, 2006 at 02:18pm

I had a sleep when I got home from work yesterday, during which I had a very disturbing dream.

In the dream I was on late shift and finished work at 7pm, I left work and walked towards the bus stop (a five minute walk), about half way to the bus stop (near a car park) I noticed two people following me and catching up to me, as they got closer it became apparent that they had knives and their intentions were clear…the dream was not clear from there on but I know that I was attacked. The location of the attack was the footpath near the Dickson Woolworths carpark. You would expect a nightmare to end there wouldn’t you? But no, it kept going.

In the dream I went into a state of shock for the next few days, the next thing I remember is being at work three days later and just realising that I didn’t remember a thing about the last 72 hours, other people in the office were asking me if I was OK as I had been looking a bit vague.

The dream continued, this time I was in Belconnen at the bus interchange and I spotted the two attackers again walking towards me…I don’t know what happened from there as the dream changed again, this time I was walking somewhere in a shopping centre when I realised that I had left my radio on a bench, so I walked back and picked up my radio and walked off, a man at one of those charity stands grabbed me, detained me, and accused me of stealing the radio, he then called security who recognised me as the son of a shopping centre employee. My family then appeared and identified me and my radio. I have no recollection of being released, although I do recall that the bloke at the charity stand was one of my attackers, even though I didn’t recognise him as one of them at the time.

Finally, the dream ended.

Interestingly, I have two late shifts next week. Also, I have a clear recollection of the attackers, both were in their late teens/early 20s, both of medium build. One had dark hair and was about 180cm tall, he was wearing a dark t-shirt and dark pants. The other had light hair, about 170-175cm tall, wearing a dark jacket and dark pants or jeans.

It would be nice if I don’t have that dream again.


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