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Samuel on Australian Independent Radio News

August 21st, 2005 at 07:13pm

I am now working with Australian Independent Radio News (AIR News), presenting news bulletins on Saturdays. I presented my first three bulletins yesterday (11am-1pm) and will now be presenting the 11am-5pm bulletins on Saturdays.
AIR News LogoI’m not going to put any of my bulletins online at the momentbecause
A) I haven’t got anywhere to put a file at the moment
B) A isn’t exactly true, I could fill up servers I’m not supposed to fill, but I won’t
C) Copyright issues are funny little tricky things to work with
D) I don’t want to be unfair on AIR News member stations who have paid for these bulletins
I will put ONE bulletin online eventually, but it will be at least a week after it airs, and will be after I have bought some webspace. If you want to hear one of my bulletins before then, tune in to one of the member stations, or, if you are out of their coverage area, email me.

Anyway, I’m enjoying it. It is an interesting and valuable experience, and I hope to be doing it for some time to come.

While I’m at it, if you know of any Australian community or blackspot commercial radio stations that could use a reliable and cost-effective hourly news service, then let them know about AIR News, it has, in at least one circumstance, prompted people to join as members of the radio stations. AIR News offers a free trial so there really isn’t anything to lose.

You could call this shameless self promotion, but that is not my motive. I’m just trying to spread the word about a quality service.

Also while I’m at it, a very big thankyou to Artie Stevens, manager of AIR News, is in order, as he has provided me with this fantastic opportunity, thanks Artie!


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