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August 24th, 2005 at 11:43pm

Alrighty then, I’ve spent way too much time on the layout, but it is almost the way I want it.
I would like to thank Martin Pot for his excellent guide to Web Page Printability With CSS as I couldn’t have done half of this without it. I will admit that I was pulling out my hair trying to work out why nothing would work for me at one stage, but it then turned out that I had mistyped a couple things and a few links were pointing to the wrong place.

Things that I have left to do include:

  • Fix the blogger.com hosted images
    At the moment all the blogger.com hosted images are hiding as they appear to be blocking referrals from non-blogger.com websites.
  • Fix the links to posts
    Currently all the links to posts are pointing to the old website. This should be just a matter of changing the domain and possibly a couple characters as I have modified the WordPress permalink structure so that it is similar to blogger.com
  • Import the various buttons, links, etc from the old site
    I will be bringing in most of the buttons etc from the old site so that the site looks a bit better and suits me more
  • Edit some of the old posts
    Some of the old posts will require minor editing/PDFing to make them look and work better, the Samuel In Dolgnwot series in particular needs the titles ammended so that they don’t all appear at once when you follow the permalink for one of them.
  • Categories
    One of the many benifits of WordPress is categories, which will ultimately make it easier to navigate the archive of posts
  • Other stuff
    There are some other minor things that need doing that I can’t think of right now, but if you have any suggestions then please let me know. You could do that by leaving a comment or using the contact form (see the button at the top of the page?)
  • Samuel

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