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The Australian misrepresents President Klaus

July 26th, 2011 at 04:01pm

I’ll have more to say about President Klaus’ address to the National Press Club tonight after I have rewatched it, however I do need to set the record straight on The Australian’s first attempt at an article on the subject.

The majority of the story is accurate, however the end is quite misleading. The article ends thusly:

He was more upbeat about the merits of Coalition’s direct action policy.

“I would say that, in some respect, I would be in favour of direct action,” he said.

“Direct action is visible, understandable and probably people can more easily discuss the cost benefits of such measures.”

This, sadly, is a misrepresentation. Yes, it’s a direct quote, but the context is missing as President Klaus was not “upbeat” about the Coalition’s “Direct Action” policy, in face he went on to call it “crazy” and stated quite clearly that he is opposed to any of the current government or opposition policies on dealing with climate change. As noted elsewhere in the article, he stated that trying to fight the climate is futile, and adaptation is the better approach.

This first attempt was from Joe Kelly and with the exception of the noted problem, was a good article. I don’t know if Mr. Kelly was there or not, but I do know that Christian Kerr from The Australian was there and asked a couple pertinent questions, so I look forward to Mr. Kerr’s article which I trust will be a more full and frank account of the address.


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