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Stolen cushions, health care buses and a national anthem

April 25th, 2011 at 03:15pm

In terms of rambling dreams, this was one of the strangest I’ve had in a while. It started as I walked past the window of the house of an elderly lady in my neighbourhood. She was staring out the window, looking quite fearful of the world. I stopped to check on her and asked her what was wrong.

“Look!” she shouted while pointing at her lounge, “They stole a cushion” she continued before sobbing. I looked, and a cushion was indeed missing, so I vowed to track down the culprit.

Just then, a group of three young men arrived claiming to have information about the cushion theft. I joined them as we set off and caught a bus.

Once on the bus, which had windows which could not be seen through, with the exception of the front and rear windscreens, I walked over to the health care desk which occupied a space about half way down the bus on the left hand side, and told the lady at the counter that I wanted to pay my monthly fee. She informed me that I had not paid for the last twelve months, but I would be able to pay the normal monthly fee and be covered for this month, which I promptly did. The young men that I was with objected to this, stating that it was not fair that I could avoid paying my dues for a whole year and still expect to be covered. I agreed, and said that if I was in charge, I would have myself pay the outstanding fees or go through a full physical examination if I only wanted to pay for the current month.

After this we got off the bus and entered a football stadium where we ended up on a stage and the music for the national anthem started. I started singing the national anthem in my falsetto opera, reaching notes that I have not reached since primary school. After the anthem, there was an applause and the dream ended.

I had the radio on while I was sleeping and a few ANZAC Day services were on the radio while I was asleep, so it’s possible that this is what caused the national anthem to be a part of it, but the rest of it…I have no idea.


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