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Moving Forward

July 18th, 2010 at 02:47pm

At 2am, we will move forward…but a vote for Tony Abbott, at 2am, is a vote to move back. A Gillard, Labor, government, will always move forward, we will only move forward.

I acknowledge that, due to the errors of the past, some states are not as forward as others. I therefore promise, that a re-elected Gillard, Labor, government, with its commitment to moving forward, will, over time, aim to move some states forward more than others, to compensate for an historic lack of moving forward.

Under our plan, one day, we will all be able to move forward together.

To the people of Western Australia, I say, that a vote, for the Gillard, Labor, government, will be a vote to keep you moving forward. It is our plan that, after two years of diligent work and sensible, careful, moving forward, by my trusted and loyal time lord Wayne Swan, you will have moved forward to where the eastern states are today.

Then, together, as a nation, we will all move forward together.


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  • 1. nbrettoner  |  July 22nd, 2010 at 10:35 pm

    Hi Samuel,

    Having been quite remiss at moving on, ie not been here for awhile, before moving on, I’d like to move onto a future event.
    Are you likely to be back in Deni March next year? (for the Back to Deni week).
    Due to my severe remissiveness, I am unaware of when you last were in Deniliquin, what you have said about either the place or inhabitants thereof, nor what waters have passed under the bridge since you were there last?.
    I did take note of the fire one evening in the National Capital though. 🙂
    Wouldn’t mind a fire here right now (Coffs Harbour).

    How are you?, are you likely to return to Deniliquin sometime?,
    how’s the car?. are you sleeping any better?.
    Have you considered moving us forward?. 🙂

    cheers (Yay!, yay yay)


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