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Almost a Holiday

July 30th, 2008 at 07:34am

One day it would be nice to have a “guest writer” who could fill-in for me from time to time, but until then I suppose the textual equivalent of silence will have to do. For those of you who are wondering (including the few who emailed to enquire about my location and well-being) I have been attempting to ignore the Internet for about a week. The break was good and will have to count as my planned “few days of holiday time” during my few weeks without work (pity, Melbourne would have been nice but the budget isn’t going to stretch that far at the moment).

Apart from a couple emails which required my almost immediate attention (including the fun of my eBay account being temporarily stolen in the wee hours of one morning…more on that later) and a few minor things for which Internet access was required, my break from the Internet was a success…and it proved something I already knew, I struggle to live without it.

The decision to take a break from the Internet was a snap decision taken at a time when I had confused myself quite thoroughly about what I actually want to do in the coming months…I decided that the best thing I could do would be to take a break from my normal activities to work things out. In addition to this, I may have unexpectedly come a step closer to understanding my depression and how to manage it. The break was very worthwhile and beneficial, and I have no intention of ruining it by jumping back in to the thick of things here with ten posts a day, or even half that…unless I get carried away, of course. With all things going to plan, it will take at least until the weekend for me to get back in to my normal, regular blogging routine. (Why did I set that alarm for 7:30am?, 1am was a much nicer time to be annoyed by it. 7:30am has a habit of coming when I’m trying to do other things such as concentrate on writing.)

Where was I? Ah, that’s right, at some stage over the coming days I will try to briefly summarise what I want to do over the coming months. I can’t promise to keep it brief, but I’ll try.

The only downside to my break is that I now have far too many emails to deal with. I’ll try to get through them over the next couple of days…I could easily get through them in a couple hours if I tried, but I hate rushing through emails…I’ve done it when enticed with payment to do so, but it really is just quite awful to have to do that.

Anyway, much to do, probably too much time on my hands in which to do the “much”, but we’ll see what happens.


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