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July 18th, 2006 at 09:05am

Every now and then I get emails from people asking me where people who have been mentioned on this website are now, as many of them have changed job or employer since they were mentioned here, so I will go through a list of people who I would like to update you on.

Kane Bond, ex-2CC producer and presenter, recently seen in the Dickson area working for a government department (either that or he has a twin).

Person suspected of being Canberra_Boi, the person who suggested I shouldn’t worry about 2CC and then went on to make defamatory statements about various people at 2CC. Sighted on multiple occasions working for a company with an office on Northbourne Avenue, and sighted at Westfield Belconnen.

Kevin Woolfe, ex-2CC/2CA sports reporter. Now working for ACTTAB, and can be heard acting as media spokesperson for ACTTAB during the Friday edition of 2CC’s Mike Welsh Drive Show.

Robbie McGregor, ex SBS voiceover man. Not surprisingly Robbie has been in high demand since SBS dumped him (and one of their main identifying points), voicing all sorts of advertisements on all sorts of radio stations for all sorts of companies and causes.

George Gibson, ex-2UE weekend middawn announcer. George has been working for 2UE’s main rival 2GB since late December, filling in for various people, mostly on the middawn shift.

Daniel Gibson, ex-temporary 2CA breakfast presenter. After Paul and Leighton took over 2CA breakfast, Daniel took some time off from 2CA before returning to his previous night shift. Daniel is also still the Prime Television weatherman.

Greg Robson, ex-2CA breakfast presenter. Robbo is working for and parent company.

Daniel Sutton, ex-2UE news reporter. Now reporting for Channel Ten.


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