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You are hereby sentenced to greet the alien invasion!

March 1st, 2024 at 02:36am

A regular feature on this blog many years ago was recaps of my very peculiar dreams. In the time that I wasn’t maintaining the blog, my dreams usually ended up on my Facebook page. Facebook’s “memories” feature likes to remind me of them on an annual basis so I see no reason why I shouldn’t entertain you with the back catalogue of the strange goings-ons in my head during the most sleepful hours.

Today we head back to the year 2019.

It was 3am and I decided to visit the Magistrates Court.

When I got there a magistrate and prosecutor greeted me. The magistrate told me I didn’t need to enter a plea, and he found me guilty. I asked what the charges were and the magistrate said “nobody knows…it’s a secret”. He then sentenced me to stand guard outside the railway station until the aliens arrive. At this point the magistrate morphed in to radio host Clyde Lewis, who proceeded to give me a long lecture about the warring alien tribes of Neptune and Mars putting our moon aliens at risk, which would force the moon aliens to take shelter at the railway station.

I then went to the railway station. American political operative Roger Stone appeared with a fax machine and a black jellybean milkshake, and told me President Trump would fax a greeting to the aliens and I had to give it to them. The milkshake was to be my payment. This was a recurring theme in my dreams at this time, that Roger Stone would reward me with black jelly beans for doing things for President Trump.

My lawyer, who had missed everything to this point, stood on top of Telstra Tower and smiled.


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  • 1. nbrettoner  |  March 1st, 2024 at 9:26 am

    Nothing atoll peculiar here. Excepiting that why on earth (or out of it) would a magistrate not be all tucked up in his nice North Shore penthouse mansion cot~age asleep; at 3a.m.??
    Unless of course he too was dreaming.
    PS p’raps the aliens had black-mailed him (by fax) with black jellybean truffles??.

  • 2. Samuel  |  March 1st, 2024 at 10:36 am

    The possibilities are endless. Although I don’t know why my lawyer was smiling on top of Telstra Tower as I won’t be paying his bill seeing as he did nothing to help in any way through the whole debacle.


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