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June 5th, 2012 at 09:00pm

  • The analog TV station I've always had the most trouble receiving at home is Prime. Ironically, on analog switchoff day, reception is perfect #
  • It seems that my PVR can't receive analog TV. I can't be bothered plugging in an older one to record the analog switchoff. I'll just watch. #
  • @therealsteavis I understand Steve. I feel the same way about tech support. It's nice to have you online though 🙂 in reply to therealsteavis #
  • @MoneyNewsShow @Ross_Greenwood @SwannyDPM You're a glutton for punishment Ross. Good luck! in reply to MoneyNewsShow #
  • @tenbreakfast not a chance unless I already know them. The same would apply for homeless Aussies. Too much risk in not knowing background. in reply to tenbreakfast #
  • @trentg85 grab a newspaper and sing whatever story is on page five. Boss will assume you're having a breakdown and let you go home early. in reply to trentg85 #
  • @trentg85 it's important to be specific when you're having a breakdown. Makes you look much crazier 😉 in reply to trentg85 #
  • RIP Charlie Sutton (1924-2012), @westernbulldogs one and only premiership captain. A footy legend who will be missed. #

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