Twitter Updates for 2012-05-31 Happy 84th birthday Nattie!

Twitter Updates for 2012-06-01

June 1st, 2012 at 09:00pm

  • Cows are in charge of the roads near Conargo, NSW. #
  • @Telstra's mobile coverage seems to have improved a bit in the last 15 months in the vast expanse between Deni and Wagga. No blackspots. #
  • @Telstra's 3G speeds also seem to have improved in Deni. It's faster than the motel wireless ever was. #
  • @trentg85 Sorta. That was half the original plan, but I also needed to get out of Canberra for a while. Going back tomorrow. in reply to trentg85 #
  • @trentg85 Alas people are away. I'll send one a message in the morning…might also drop in on Dixie in the morning if he's around. in reply to trentg85 #
  • @trentg85 best part is, I'm not back at work until Tuesday night so I still have my weekend at home. All works out nicely 🙂 in reply to trentg85 #
  • Fast reply too, thanks 🙂 RT @Telstra Forever expanding & improving our network. Glad to hear it's faster than the Motel Wireless. 🙂 Luis in reply to Telstra #
  • Pleasantly surprised to find @NRLgameplan is on TV after midnight in the southern states. Started just before The Bill finished. #
  • I left Deni over an hour after the bus to Wagga left, and I just passed it in Lockhart. Reminds me of the day I had to catch that slow bus. #
  • Why do all the big fires in Canberra happen when I'm out of town? First Diamant Hotel, then Mitchell and now Majura. #

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