Samuel’s Musician Of The Week: Judith Durham Kim Jong Il back from the dead?

RIH Kim Jong Il (yes, the H is intentional)

December 19th, 2011 at 03:37pm

And I’ll let your imagination work out what RIH might stand for.

North Korea’s menace of a ruler, Kim Jong Il, is dead. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Unfortunately his insane son Kim Jon Un will take over as leader, although one does have to wonder if the fact that Un is even more crazy than Il could result in a destabilisation of the family’s leadership in the future, and hopefully the end of an awful regime…although when I say “hopefully”, I do still worry about the fallout from such an end to that regime.

For what it’s worth, as this screenshot will attest (blurring added to protect the identity of those who “liked” my status update) I had this news up on Facebook at 2:21pm, mere moments after I received a mobile alert about the news from Matt Drudge’s excellent, and before most (not all) of the Australian media had caught up…alerts from Drudge are very rare, so you know that something very big and very serious has happened when an alert comes through. On this occasion it was good news.

Kim Jong Il Is Dead!, posted at 2:21pm
(update, image should appear now. Dumbo here typed “mp3” as the file extension rather than “jpg”)

Casey Hendrickson posted about it at about the same time as me, and although he and I were both beaten by most US news outlets, we both beat CNN to the news…hardly surprising. Anyway, Casey noted something which amused me as well:

North Korean TV says he died from “Physical and mental over-work”.

Ahhh those communists, always claiming that work is bad for you.

Casey also muses:

His psychopath son, Kim Jong Un, will now take over. We’ll know soon if the world will stay the same, be better, or if we’ll see WWIII break out.

I’m tipping that it will stay the same for the moment, but when enough people in North Korea cotton on to just how nuts Kim Jong Un is, we will see a fracture in the country which will result in in-fighting, followed by some people defecting to the South to escape while the rest of the nutters keep fighting against themselves and eventually fire at the defectors, which will reignite the Korean war…whether that leads to a global conflict, I don’t know, but I think the markets are on the money with their fall in reaction to the news of Kim Jong Il’s death.

Casey has more information about this on his blog at including information on why he thinks North Koreans will not rise up against their government (video not available in Australia…I’ll try and find a version which is later) for the most part I think he is right, but I also think a small number of people deciding that they’ve had enough will be enough to start a conflict there. It’s well worth a read.

But until a conflict breaks out, there is some time to celebrate the death of an evil man…and that is precisely what I intend to do.

Update: In the spirit of happiness, this made me burst out laughing, a website which is dedicated to photos of Kim Jong Il looking at things Again, h/t Casey Hendrickson for the link.


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  • 1. caseythehost  |  December 19th, 2011 at 3:57 pm

    Thanks for the mention!


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