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The Belconnen Bus Interchange Cup

October 31st, 2010 at 09:55pm

Before I went to sleep this afternoon, I was watching some of the Melbourne Cup preview and history of the Melbourne Cup on TV. I was also thinking about the impending mid-term elections in the US. I suspect that the two combined and morphed in to this unusual dream.

The dream started at one of the bus bays of the old Belconnen Interchange where Casey Hendrickson and Heather Kydd from Fox News Radio KDOX in Las Vegas were standing. Casey had binoculars and Heather had an umbrella which seemed to double as a hat. There were lots of other people in the area and they all seemed to be facing the open-air carpark side of the bus interchange which, rather than being a carpark, was quite hilly and had sections covered in grass, and other sections covered in concrete.

Suddenly a loud voice started counting down on the loudspeakers, and when it hit zero, the dream changed to some cheap looking purple set with a table and a flower in a corner, and Channel Nine’s Tracy Grimshaw standing there informing us that “it’s now time to cross to the race with local A Current Affair hosts Casey and Heather”. The implication of the dream was that, unlike reality, in the dream Nine’s local affiliate’s had their own local editions of A Current Affair which pre-empted Tracy’s national version.

The dream then changed to a 4:3 aspect ratio and crossed back to Casey and Heather who were very excited about the race, although there was a pause every time they tried to mention the small Australian town which they were broadcasting from. A Countrylink train station style sign with the town name appeared in the background of some shots, but was not in focus and was not readable.

The race started, and Casey called the race as the horses ran along the hilly concrete and grass track behind the fence where the open-air carpark would be in real life. The Nine watermark appeared, but seemed to carry tennis scores with it, so disappeared shortly after it appeared.

Eventually the race ended. Casey and Heather were both very excited about the result…hardly a surprise given that a horse called Tim Tam won the race.

They crossed back to Tracy Grimshaw who thanked them both, announced that the station would take an ad break while she visited the TAB to collect her winnings, and the dream then ended with a slow motion replay of Casey and Heather getting excited at the end of the race.

If this dream means anything, I’m hoping that it means Casey and Heather will be excited by the result of the mid-term elections. We’ll find out on the day I suppose.


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