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Samuel’s how-to-vote card for Canberra and the nation

August 21st, 2010 at 05:32am

Not a lot has changed since my preliminary how-to-vote card…in fact the only change is that I’ve decided to swap the order in which I placed the Greens and Labor. I don’t expect my preferences to get down to either of them anyway, so it’s not a big change, but I have to do it on the grounds that I can no longer allow any of my preferences to flow to Labor as they:

1. Left their campaign launch until extremely late in the campaign, causing taxpayers to foot the bill for most of it, further proving their love of wasting tax dollars.

2. They, in conjunction with their union mates, ran a bunch scare ads in Canberra and surrounds about massive public service job losses. These ads were false, as Tony Abbott merely plans to cut public service job numbers through natural attrition, not by randomly firing 25% (or some other magic number) of the public service…although in many ways I’d be supportive if that had been his policy.

So, first up, the quick national version:

That’s simple, support real action and the return of sane and sensible government by voting 1 for your local Liberal or National Party candidate. If you have one of each, put them first and second. Distribute the rest of your preferences as you see fit. In the Senate, I’ll leave it up to you as to whether you wish to vote above or below the line.

1. MILLIGAN, James Keith (Liberal Party) — obviously he must come first
2. HEDGES-PHILLIPS, Quintin (Secular Party of Australia) — I find a bunch of their policies to be quite scary, especially ones about climate change, mining taxes and illegal immigrants etc, but they have minimal chance of gaining enough seats in parliament to do much of anything, so I’d rather have them than the Labor or Green party. He also has a job which I can respect (Television Presentation Co-ordinator…and he’s not an ABC person!) and isn’t a career politician, which is more than I can say for many people from the other parties.
3. ESGUERRA, Indra (The Greens).
4. LEIGH, Andrew (Australian Labor Party).

1. JONES, Giulia (Liberal Party) — “Giulia with a G” would have been a great addition to the Legislative Assembly, so hopefully we can get her in to the federal parliament.
2. ELLERMAN, Sue (The Greens)
3. BRODTMANN, Gai (Labor Party)

1. HUMPHRIES, Gary (Liberal Party) — I must ask that, in the ACT, Gary gets your first preference and not Matthew Watts. I ask this because in the ACT, Gary needs all the support he can get in order to block a Green from getting a seat. As such, to ensure Gary gets his quota, put him first and Matthew second…this way, once Gary has his quota, his runoff can go to Matthew.
2. WATTS, Matthew (Liberal Party)
3. CHURCHILL, Darren Mark (Democrat) — With the Labor candidates being bumped to the bottom of the list, and independent John Glynn also being demoted, the Democrats find themselves in third and fourth respectively. I do hope that my runoff doesn’t get this far…although with only two Senate seats in the ACT, I doubt that it will.
4. DAVID, Anthony John (Democrat)
5. GLYNN, John (Independent) — John’s people sent me a link with his policies…scary left-wing big government type stuff. Sorry John, but you lost third spot.
6. PARRIS, Hannah (Green Party) — Of the two Greens running in this race, Hannah has made less scary press statements.
7. HATFIELD DODDS, Lin (Green Party) — Still the scariest Green I’ve ever seen. Hopefully she disappears in to a job in which we never have to hear from her ever again after the election is over.
8. LUNDY, Kate Alexandra (Labor Party) — Labor, so right down the bottom of the list. Kate gets a slightly higher spot than David because…
8. MATHEWS, David (Labor) — David disqualified himself from getting a higher ranking in the preferences by dishonestly appearing in a photo of supportive locals in one of Mike Kelly’s (incumbent candidate for Eden-Monaro) pamphlets, and then tried to defend his position on WIN News by claiming that, as he supports Mike Kelly, he is entitled to be in the photo. David, you’re not a local unless you live in the electorate. Still, it’s nice to see that you can be as dishonest as the Labor government have been.

So there we have it. As I said a little while back, I’ll be running regular updates on the election throughout the night, however they won’t be as comprehensive or on the “every three minutes or so” as the last election.

Good luck with your voting today.


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