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Casey and Heather’s new KDOX show starts Monday

August 14th, 2010 at 06:34am

Or for those of us on this side of the world, Tuesday at 2am. I’ll be up, and I hope that you will be too!

As noted last month, former KXNT hosts Casey Hendrickson and Heather Kydd have found a new home on rival station Fox News 1280 KDOX. Since then, the details of their new show have been announced. They will be occupying the 9am-11am timeslot Monday to Friday, up against Rush Limbaugh on KXNT and a tape-delayed version of Glenn Beck on KDWN.

Casey noted in a podcast last month that, while the competition will be tough as they are two of the biggest names in American talk radio, the duo are confident that they will be able to overtake at least one of their competitors in the ratings fairly quickly. The podcast makes for quite interesting listening if you’re interested in the state of the Las Vegas radio market.

Casey also noted in the podcast that one of the reasons for him and Heather choosing to go with KDOX instead of some of the other stations which made them offers, is that KDOX have a viable plan to launch themselves to the top of the talk ratings. One of the parts of this plan came to life rather spectacularly yesterday.

Until yesterday, all talk stations in Las Vegas were on the AM band. In other markets, some talk stations have launched FM simulcasts which have helped to improve their ratings. KXNT announced a few weeks back that, from this coming Monday, they would launch a simulcast of their 840AM signal on 100.5FM, and have been promoting this as Las Vegas’s first FM talk station…well, very quietly, KDOX have been planning the same thing for a while and bought an FM translator a few months back for the tiny price of $100. Yesterday, they launched their FM simulcast on 102.3FM, beating KXNT by a matter of days, and making KXNT’s promotion of being the first FM talk station redundant.

KDOX promotional graphic
KDOX promotional graphic featuring station personalities (L-R) Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Laura Ingraham, Jeremy Wayne, Roger Hedgecock, Rusty Humphries, Heather Kydd and Casey Hendrickson. It is the first time Casey and Heather have appeared in a KDOX promotional photo, having previously appeared at a handful of KDOX events and outside broadcasts. Image credit: Summit Media Broadcasting.

Having an FM translator is arguably more beneficial for KDOX than it is for KXNT as KDOX, being a Class D AM station, is virtually inaudible at night when its daytime 5,000 watt signal is reduced to a mere 28 watts. The FM signal will broadcast at a rate of 99 watts 24/7. KXNT on the other hand will be aiming to increase their weekend audience by running sport coverage on their FM station instead of their current programming, which will continue to air on their AM station.

The battle for dominance of the talk market in Las Vegas appears to be hotting up considerably…and I’m looking forward to Casey and Heather’s return to the airwaves from 9am-11am Monday (2am-4am Tuesday Canberra time) which, with any luck, will bring the majority of their existing audience with them. The show will stream live from the KDOX website.


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