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Licence numbers and expiry dates

July 6th, 2010 at 10:37pm

An email to 2UE’s Stuart Bocking

Good evening Stuart,

I was most intrigued by your discussion with the lady about how she remembers her licence number and expiry date, but you don’t remember yours.

I remember my licence number and expiry date (although from the sounds of it, ACT licences have easier to remember numbers which don’t contain letters, unlike NSW licences), but I think it’s more a force of habit than a matter of willingly remembering it. I say this because I have remembered the number and expiry date of my Visa Debit card for years, simply because it’s easier to remember it than to have to pull it out and check every time I use it. The three digits on the back of the card change every time the card expires and is replaced though, so it takes me a little while to remember that each time.

I think remembering my licence number and expiry date came from remembering other cards. I also think it’s a useful thing to know just in case I’m ever pulled over and have misplaced it, as I can recite the details and hopefully waste less of my time and that of the police.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

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