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Official confirmation: Mike Jeffreys on 2UE

March 21st, 2010 at 12:42am

Mike JeffreysI missed it myself as I’ve been listening to 5AA’s state election coverage, but I’ve been informed that John Kerr officially announced at 12:20am what we’ve known here since Thursday, that Mike Jeffreys will be taking the reins of 2UE’s weekday New Day Australia program tomorrow. Thanks to Steady Eddie for the tipoff.

I’ll tune in to 4BC for the delayed-by-one-hour-thanks-to-daylight-saving version of the announcement.

Update: And here it is. John Kerr was chatting with regular caller “Sam The Cabbie” when the subject of how many nights per week John Kerr is on the radio came up:
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Not a big announcement, but it’s great to finally have something official, and even better to know for sure and certain that after 11 months off the air, Mike is coming back to radio. End Update

Meanwhile over at 2GB there is still no official confirmation of Jim Ball’s move to the weekday overnight show. On Friday morning current overnight host David Oldfield was strongly denying the change. My information still suggests that Jim will start tomorrow or (alternative information suggests) by March 29. I’m starting to lean towards March 29 due to the lack of any official confirmation.


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  • 1. davky  |  March 23rd, 2010 at 5:10 am

    I never liked Jeffreys here on 2CC – I found that he came across as pompous and self-indulgent (i.e. a total w…ker) – he just was not a good fit with my tastes

    However, having listened to him on overnights on 2UE last night, I am actually becoming a bit of a fan. His style is much more suited to a more intelligent overnight format than to breakfast in a regional city like Canberra.

    I’m quite pleased now that Ball and Jeffreys are on air in competition; perhaps we are finally getting rid of the mid-dawn hosts who do nothing but chat about their favourite songs and memories from the 1940s.


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