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Some valuable thoughts for Canberrans in the long lead-up to the federal election

February 27th, 2013 at 06:34am

Today I intend to present you with some interesting information put together by people other than myself, which I have come across in recent days.

First up today, a video from John Moulis examining the current state of the federal election in the ACT’s electorates. John makes the very important point that, now that the Liberal Party’s preselections are completed, it is important that the Party gets behind the candidates so as to maximise their chances of winning seats and, even more importantly, ensuring that the Greens do not win a seat.

Without wanting to summarise everything John talks about, he makes the interesting point that regardless of what people might think of the Liberal Party, as they are almost certain to form government and probably hold it for multiple terms, Canberra would be best served by having at least one Liberal senator and at least one Liberal MP, so that Canberrans have direct representation in the government.

I found the video to be very interesting and to make some very important points. I hope you’ll take the few minutes to watch it.


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