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About Samuel’s Persiflage
Samuel’s Persiflage is an interview and chat based podcast from Canberra, Australia, talking about various topics and issues. Hosted by Samuel Gordon-Stewart, Samuel’s Persiflage is an interesting podcast in a talk radio style format.

Each episode features different interviews talking about different subjects, a mildly light-hearted editorial from Samuel, as well as a classic advertisement, and a look at listener feedback. There may be more from time to time, but that’s a surprise!

Samuel’s Persiflage will soon be inviting listeners to take part in the show via skypecast every few episode. More details soon.

Here at Samuel’s Persiflage I love to get your feedback. As this is a podcast I would like to encourage you to send spoken feedback as it fits into the podcast extremely well, but I am more than happy to receive written feedback as well. The email address for your written and audio feedback (in MP3, Wave or Ogg Vorbis format please) is
There is also an easier way to send spoken feedback, and that is to click the “send me a voice message” button below. This will take you to the Odeo website where a small flash applet will record your message and send it to me.
Send Me A Message
You can also send feedback by post:
Samuel’s Persiflage
PO Box 1272
Dickson ACT 2602

I look forward to hearing from you on Samuel’s Persiflage!

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